Why office work should not impact your daily exercise regiment

Why office work should not impact your daily exercise regiment

How many times have you used work as an excuse not to exercise?

Does the thought of squeezing a gym trip in between meetings fill you with dread? The great news is that office work does not have to impact your daily exercise regimen at all if you know how to be clever about it.

“Oh, but I’m far too tired when I get home.”

“I just don’t have the time any more.”

Start your day a little earlier

If you are finding it difficult to make time for exercise, you will need to compromise. With so many benefits attached to even the lightest activities, you really should attempt to fit more movement into your day. By getting up just a little earlier than normal and attempting a few laps of the pool or taking a moment for a spot of yoga, you can greatly improve your mood and the rest of your day, and you will have also managed to exercise without worrying at all!

Take the stairs instead

It is possible to get exercise at work and not even realize it by taking the stairs. If you normally jump into the elevator and ride to your office, try getting out a floor or two early or even tackling the whole journey on foot. It is also important to think about how much you are moving around between emails or phone calls. Be sure to get up and stretch regularly and drink plenty of water to stay hydrated.

Introduce a supplement

If you are looking to complement a healthy diet and lifestyle, now is the time to consider a supplement with natural ingredients such as raspberry ketones, green tea extract, or acai berries. These kinds of supplements can work wonders when taken in conjunction with a nutritious diet and exercise, and they will also help your body to detox.

Get off the bus a stop early

Commuting can feel like one of the biggest wastes of time in your day, so do something about it. If you normally take the bus or subway to work, get off a stop early and then walk the rest of the way. Alternatively, you could cycle if there is an adequate cycle route or even jog into work. You will feel so much better, and you will manage to sneak in some exercise at the same time.

Evenings are for exercise

Just as you may decide to get up a little earlier to exercise, you could set aside an evening or two a week to take back some “me” time: go for a jog or a brisk walk, indulge in a favourite sport, or turn on a fitness DVD. Whatever you decide to do, this short burst of exercise after work will help you to relax and unwind and prepare for the following day.

Work can get in the way of a lot of things, but there is no reason to let it hinder exercise!

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